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Love Won

In November 2008, it took me by surprised that California passed Prop 8. I turned to Reddit and Craigslist and found a photographer asking for help with his project. A couple of emails later, together with Chuin Phang, a SF massage therapist and aspiring photographer, we started DoTheLoveThing.org:

Do The Love Thing (DoTheLoveThing.org) is a non-commerical photography project. Created in response to the passage of Proposition 8 banning same-sex marriages in California, this site features images of couples and families who believe in spreading the message of love, tolerance and marriage equality.

There hasn’t been new contents on the site for a while, and I’ve only contributed one post. But it is a tiny piece of history. It’s been 5 years, love eventually won.

Update [July 3rd, 2013]: Chuin just put up a SF Pride 2013 post.