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Flip Ultra and easy way to make Mac icons from images

So we got a Flip Ultra, when you plug it into the USB port it shows up with an ugly default USB drive icon in the desktop. I wanted to change it to a picture of the Flip Ultra itself. I googled on how to make Mac icons and found this post. It involves using either a PS plugin or Icongrapher. I tried that and it was a bit too much work to just make an icon.

It then occurred to me that I can just look at the info (?-I) on any image file, clip on the icon in the File Info dialog, ?-C that, go to the File Info dialog of thing I want to change the icon for, and ?-P to paste that in. Real simple!

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

Now I should really make that image transparent so it looks better. We love the Flip btw, super easy to use, quality is pretty damn good too. If you get one use one of these links…


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