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Flickr comeback

Before yesterday this was how a lot of us felt about Flickr:

Flickr is still pretty wonderful. But it’s lovely in the same way a box of old photos you’ve stashed under the bed is. It’s an archive of nostalgia that you love dearly, on the rare occasion you stumble across it. You pull them out, and hold them up to the light, and remember a time when you were younger, and the Web was a more optimistic place, and it really was almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world.

via Giz.

Now it has a good chance for a comeback. I love the new iPhone app and the navigate and explore changes, I don’t really care for the filters but since most people don’t care to use apps like Camera+ and Average Cam, filters make most average snapshots look better, and when used properly, give good photos some extra punch.

This app uploads full-res photos to Flickr, that’s a big advantage over sharing photos with Instagram, Facebook, or now Twitter as well.

I am happy to see new friends signing up for Flickr, and the activities definitely spiked over the last 2 days.

Switch your Flickr login from Yahoo! ID to Google or Facebook

Flickr/Yahoo just added Facebook Connect and Google OAuth support to their sign-in, this is great, coz now I no longer needs a Yahoo! account to use Flickr. (I assume you all loathe Yahoo! as much as I do right?)

Here’s how to change your Flickr account from your Yahoo! ID to your Google or Facebook account:

  • sign into Flickr with your Yahoo! account if you’re not already logged in
  • go to http://www.flickr.com/account/transfer/
  • hit “use existing Yahoo! ID”:
  • Flickr: Transfer your account

  • Hit “sign in as a different user”:
  • Dock-26

  • Choose Google, or Facebook (if you must):
  • Sign in to Yahoo!

  • signin and authorize your Google or Google Apps email and password, or if you chose Facebook, you probably will see a familiar oauth authorization window requesting some permissions
  • Click the “Okay, do it” button:
    Flickr: Transfer your account

Pullfolio private beta! Here’s your invite!

If you’re a pro/semi-pro photographer and love Flickr, I think you will love Pullfolio. Pullfolio helps you create professional portfolio sites using photos in your Flickr account by tag(s) or photosets. For example, you can setup your photography site with these portfolios:

  • Wedding – it pulls all photos that are tagged pullfolio and wedding (or whatever tag(s) you specified when you configure the portfolio) from your Flickr account
  • Portraits – it pulls all photos from your portraits photoset on Flickr

You get the idea. You can also enter your blog URL, bio, and contact info, and they will be included on your site. You can also choose from a few themes. If you upgrade to the Pro subscription for just $15 a month, you will be able to point your domain to the site, add your analytics code for tracking, and if you want to get your hands dirty, you have the ability to completely customize your site. We plan to partner with designers to provide more themes, and if you need a designer, we can provide referrals to ones who understand how our themes work.

When you upload new photos to Flickr, you will just have to tag them or add them to a photoset and your portfolio website will have the new photos automatically.

You can check out my photography site to get an idea of how it works. I still have to setup my own portfolios properly though.

If this sounds like it’s something you want, I am giving out 100 invites, here’s a direct link to signup for our private beta:

Each account also comes with 5 additional invites upon signup.

A bit of background: as a heavy Flickr user, I’ve always wanted a photography site that pulls photos from my Flickr account. This way I can upload my photos to Flickr with the right tags or photoset, and it will automatically show up at my photography site. After not having a proper photography site for more than 3 years, there still isn’t a service out there that does what I want. It’s also quite shocking that I was able to get gigs by networking and my Flickr photostream (or “collections” rather) without a website. When Ray and I were brainstorming ideas of what to build, I selfishly suggested this idea. We got a prototype working within 2 weeks, however, to turn the idea into a real product that supports many users, themes, subscriptions, custom domains, while using behavior-driven development with 100% test coverage, was a significant effort.

Feel free to post any feedback at our UserVoice feedback forum. You can follow Pullfolio on Twitter to get updates on new features.

Flickr Leech beta is live

I like it, I’ve visiting flickrleech to check out the Interestingness stream at least once a day for years, it’s also a great way to check out anyone’s Flickr stream… The new version’s beta just came out:

Flickr Leech beta is live! (by AndrewNg.com)

I prefer the original version for its usage of square thumbnails, but found out I can get it back from the preference pane:

Much better:

Flickr Leech beta (square thumbs) (by AndrewNg.com)
Check it out at beta.flickrleech.net