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Bed bugs and selling my EVO MR

Ok, another post before I try to get more sleep. We got back to San Francisco and found out that my apartment had a pretty severe bedbugs situation. About a month ago we started getting bites from something but didn’t think much of it. We always thought it was mosquitos and what not, we also never seen anything in the bed so we didn’t suspect much. But I guess being away for 2 weeks, the bugs reproduced and they were also hungry as no one (or animal) was in the apartment. We got back and we found at least 4 adult-sized bedbugs on the bed, and a couple other baby ones. Sherry must’ve got over 15 bites the first night. It was real bad. So we had to check into a hotel for 2 days while my landlord got us some stuff to spray the mattresses and around the apartment. I did that Wed and Thu afternoon, also brought the bedding up on the roof to be under the sun for most of the days. We got back Friday and I think they are gone now, at least I got up from about 5 hours of sleep in my bed and I don’t have any bites. Let’s pray that they’re gone, or else it would really suck. We stayed at the Palomar above the Old Navy store on Market Street, we’ve stayed at one of the Kimpton hotels before and loved it. The Palomar was nice, they host wine hour from 5 to 6pm daily and we even got 40-something bucks credit for food in the “escape package”, haha. They have free in-room wifi that was pretty fast. I definitely wouldn’t mind staying there for longer if I could afford it. Due to the pesticide we asked our friend to have Bear for a few more days, we’re going down to Cupertino to pick up Bear and my Evo this morning. I got the Evo professionally detailed about a month ago but it’s dirty again, so I need to get it washed and then take some pictures to post it up for sale. I don’t drive it much at all so I should really sell it. Let me know if you or anyone you know want a badass 2005 Evo VIII MR, bone-stock, silver, with clear-bra professionally installed, LIDATEK laser jammer, and I’ll keep the Valentine One hard-wire wiring too. Evo at Carmel 17 miles