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Day One and Slogger

A lot of us downloaded Day One recently as it went free as part of the 5 Years of App Store promotion. I didn’t think I would write anything1. But after trying it for a few days, I’m really liking it.

If you’re using Day One and you have a Mac that’s always on2, you might want to check out Slogger by Brett Terpstra:

Slogger indexes various public social services and creates Day One (http://dayoneapp.com/) journal entries or plain text Markdown files for them. It allows you to keep a personal journal that collects your online social life automatically, all in one place.

It was pretty easy to setup, I’m running it with RVM so I had to modify the launchd plist to use the RVM generated wrapper, see this Gist.

  1. I use Timehop to go back in time by the years, it’s one of my favorite apps. 

  2. Or if you’re using Dropbox instead of iCloud to sync your Day One entries, you could possibly run this on any machine/server/cloud instance/droplet/node that runs Dropbox and Ruby.