Cool, no need to upgrade my Mac til 2007

Like I said in my earlier post, Photoshop users shouldn’t upgrade to the Intel-base Macs until Adobe releases a native version. Looks like we now have a year to save up the pennies for the MacBook Pro. 😉 AppleInsider | Adobe may not deliver native Intel Mac support until 2007 Adobe Systems on Wednesday said […]

color profiles in windoze

I can’t stand the messed up color profile on my work ThinkPad, so I looked up how I can set it to Adobe RGB… this is kindda a pain: Microsoft Windows XP – Install a color profile, while this is more promising, but the download is unavailable at the moment…

AMD’s got plans to go quad

AMD’s got plans to go quad We know Apple just annoucned they’re going Intel, but AMD would just like you to know that by the time Apple’s moved over to x86 in 2007, they’re planning on having quad-core CPUs on the market;and we ain’t just talking dual-core Hyperthreaded devices. Later plans include scalability to up […]

So it’s true! Apple going to Intel!

Live from WWDC: Steve Jobs keynote – Engadget – Like I said in an earlier post, the processors don’t really matter much. Apple uses (an enhanced version of) GCC, so as long as GCC works with Intel chips (of course it does, what do you think GNU/Linux or *BSD were compiled with?), porting most […]