Things I Use 2013 Edition

As 2013 comes to an end, I’ll write one of these posts to list the things I use. Development Mac Dash: my favorite app right now, if you code on your Mac, in any language, just get it! It’s also free with optional donation Xcode: new version is so great MacVIM: I’ve been a VI […]

“Late 2008” MacBook Pro display color profile calibration

I spent most morning messing with color profiles of my MBP. The “late 2008” MBPs come with 2 different panel models so far: 9C84 and 9C85. I have the 9C84, probably because I got mine on the release day. I’m not sure which model is better, but it’s more important to have it calibrated correctly […]

Flash 10 security changes: setClipboard() requires user interaction

This is probably why the click-to-copy share links don’t work with Flash 10: Setting data on the system Clipboard requires user interaction In Flash Player 9, ActionScript could set data on the system Clipboard at any time. With Flash Player 10, the System.setClipboard() method may be successfully called only through ActionScript that originates from user […]

Photoshop CS3 is nice, and FAST!!

So finally downloaded Adobe Photoshop CS3 Beta, took a long time to install, but once it’s installed everything is nice and speedy. It runs A LOT FASTER than CS, my pervious version. (I never saw the need to upgrade to CS2). The new Camera Raw is much nicer, Bridge works much better than the photo […]

CS3 beta will be released tomorrow!

Finally… Adobe – Adobe Press Room: For immediate release SAN JOSE, Calif. ? Dec. 14, 2006 ? Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) will introduce a beta version of Adobe® Photoshop® CS3 software, the next release of the world standard in digital imaging, on Friday, December 15th. Adobe is delivering a widely available Photoshop CS3 beta to […]

more on CS3 and unviersal binary

I was reading the discussions on the CS3 post at AppleInsider, I was gonna reply but forum user Chucker posted exactly what I would’ve said… Ming just picked up a MacBook Pro and he’s been running CS2 on it, emulating PPC binaries, and he said it is not slow at all. Public beta of Adobe […]