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Shops I plan to hit when I’m in NYC next weekend

It sucks that SuperFuture is down at the moment, as there was a thread with a list of streetwear and denim shops already. I don’t have the NYC SuperMaps either, which sucks big time, I knew I should’ve downloaded them to my phone…

Anyway, this is basically what I’ve got planned, I only have about 4 hours to do this so I need to do it the TSP way… 🙂 Good thing they are all around SoHo.

  • Supreme NYC, to pick up some tees and hoodies, I wonder if they still got the SS06 Kate Moss tee, if they did I’ll cop a few and eBay them
  • BWS for tees and hoodies, I don’t think I’d buy anything from them though, way too hyped up
  • Uniqlo, for regular streetwear
  • APC to check out the sizing for the military-style/M65-like jacket
  • Jack Spade to see if they got any loopwheeler tees and hoodies left, but most likely I will have to use a shopping service like celga or juno in Japan to get them

If I got time:

Here’s my attempt at using the Google Maps API, I didn’t have time to figure out how to link the above text to move/center/zoom the GMap2… 😆 btw, this doesn’t show up in NetNewsWire, and probably not other RSS readers either, so view this entry in a browser that is supported by Google Maps…

AA’s Keeping up wiht Jenkins campaign

So here was the question I got at AA’s Jenkins campaign

As Jenkins downed a coffee at a Peachtree Street café, his client called with a change of plans?the Senior Vice President was now going to be at their dinner meeting the following weekend. Problem was the dinner was now a day earlier and in a different city. Jenkins knew that he had to be at that dinner and that American Airlines could get him there. He found the $199* fare on he was hoping for, with only 7-days notice. That weekend, Jenkins, his client and the SVP enjoyed dinner at a restaurant in the thriving Deep Ellum district. Not only was it a great business opportunity, but since he was an AAdvantage® miles member, Jenkins also earned miles when he picked up the check at the end of the meal. Between what two cities did Jenkins fly?

Quick web search told me that Peachtree Street cafe was around Georgia Tech in Atlanta, and I already knew that Deep Ellum district in in Dallas… LOL…

But by getting the question correctly I only get a chance to win one of the 20 grand prizes, and I wasn’t today’s 15k miles winner either… what a rip…

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