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Tangerine kicks ass!

for those of us with large music libraries in iTunes and small Nano’s for workout and running, Tangerine is a must-have!! seoulfully sent me this and it kicks ass! Basically it goes through your library with some basic exclusion rules (like no classical, no podcast, etc etc, you can add your own rules), and it analyzes the BPM and beat intensity for each track in blazingly fast speed!!! Almost my entire library is lossless and it doesn’t seem to care, it goes through each track in less than a second!

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2gb nano only holds 53 tracks

Well, that’s the problem with using lossless only… I guess 53 tracks are enough for running, or I can downsample some tracks, uncheck them in iTunes so they won’t get synced with my 5g 60gb pod, and add them to my nano-sync playlists…

btw, I know Shuffles sync can automatically downsample tracks, is there a way to setup my nano to auto downsample when I sync it???

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protectors for new ipods

BestSkinEver already got theirs for sale, while Invisible Shield only got their 2G Nano skins on pre-order (but holy shit, IS is so much more expensive than BSE!!), Martin Fields got theirs on pre-order, Boxwave is lagging behind, nowhere to be found at their site. Brando Workshop also doesn’t have protectors for the new pods listed yet.

I’m not sure about wrapping the sexy alum finish of the 2G Nano’s with clear skin though, I’d just rock it with a MF screen protector if I had one.

IS has different part numbers for the 60GB and 80GB 5g iPods, but BSE got the same part number… hmmm…

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very impressive, apple just shipped my blue nano

When they said “ship within 24 hours” they actually meant it at the Apple online store, very nice… I should have it maybe even by this weekend and I’ll have a week to gift wrap it… I should’ve engraved it… 😆

btw, I was watching the news channels this morning and they got REALLY confused about shuffle vs nano vs big ipod, I like how they were referring to blogs as their source of information… the “hits” feeding off the “tail”, very interesting…

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new iPods, iTunes, and iTV dropped

Looks like I’ll be buying a few more iPods, maybe one of those new Shuffles for workout, I might sell the 60gb for the 80gb, but what I really need is a 100gb. I’ve already ordered a blue 4gb aluminum Nano as a gift. (well I also want to see how it looks like first hand, lol)
The iTV thing is definitely cool, I think of it as a Airport Express with Video, I wonder if it would work as a WiFi access point like the Airport Express.

Now, I wonder who’s audio and wifi chips they use on these new stuff…

iPod shuffle. Holds music. 1GB. $79.iPod nano. Holds music and photos. 2GB, 4GB, 8GB. From $149

iPod. Holds music, photos, and video. 30GB, 80GB. From $249

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WTF? $500 knobs?

Good vibrations, Bad vibrations it?s all about vibrations!! RAM would like to introduce a new signature level knob developed for the mighty Silver Rock potentiometer. The standard bakelite knob is certainly the best sounding compromise… but now Audio Consulting has taken this aspect of the Silver Rock much further. The new knobs are custom made with beech wood and bronze where the bronze is used as the insert to mount to the stem of the volume pot. The beech wood is coated several times with C37 lacquer for best sound as pointed out by Dieter Ennemoser. How can this make a difference??? Well, hearing is believing as we always say. The sound becomes much more open and free flowing with a nice improvement in resolution. Dynamics are better and overall naturalness is improved. Here is a test for all you Silver Rock owners. Try removing the bakelite knobs and listen. You will be shocked by this! The signature knobs will have an even greater effect?really amazing! The point here is the micro vibrations created by the volume pots and knobs find their way into the delicate signal path and cause degradation (Bad vibrations equal bad sound). With the signature knobs micro vibrations from the C37 concept of wood, bronze and the lacquer itself compensate for the volume pots and provide (Good Vibrations) our ear/brain combination like to hear?way better sound!!

Silver Rock Signature Knob: Reference Audio Mods

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SF Symphony next week

Kindda odd that they’re doing single movement from Mahler No. 10, would be awesome (and difficult) if they would do the whole thing. They also tagged on the Rhine Journey from Wagner’s ring cycle, interesting program selections for sure…

Event Details


Debussy Jeux
Ravel Piano Concerto for the Left Hand
Mahler Adagio from Symphony No. 10
Wagner Siegfried’s Rhine Journey from Götterdämmerung