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daily photo: kiya’s wedding yoyo

Congrats to Demitra and Kiya, party at Bimbo’s is gonna be sick! And I live a few blocks away so I should be able to walk home even if I get hella wasted. I had a photoshoot with Kiya with his custom denim tux, it was made with the same denim used in Flathead jeans like the 3001. His shoes were Flathead cordovan leather shoes. Shirt and tie were custom made as well, plus vintage Dior cuff links. The details on the suit is amazing, I have all pics from the shoot posted at my Flickr.

More details about the suit and everything in Kiya’s thread at Superfuture.

Kiya's custom denim tux (by

AF68 in cigar shell cordovan

I ordered these back in Feb and they are finally in, maybe they would arrive in time for my birthday… (pics from Aldens of Carmel’s website, I might take some shots of them when I get them.) These are pretty much the Indy boots in cigar shell cordovan.

I guess this means I will postpone getting a pair of Carpe Diem ’til after the holidays.