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I’ve been pretty busy with work these days so not much time shoot photographs or blog. Snowboarding season is almost here, cabin and passes all good to go for the season. Pretty stoked about the “triple whammy” this year. The house still got room for a few more shredder so let me know if you’re interested. It’s in SLT close to Sprout, so good if you ski/ride Heavenly, Sierra, or Kirkwood.

btw, Bear now tweets as @beartheyorkie (@iamthebear was taken by a bear), in case you need to follow more people.

Switched comments system to IntenseDebate

I just switched to IntenseDebate, the plugin is dope, it imports your existing comments to IntenseDebate, and when a new comment is posted it also adds it to your blog’s database, so there is zero cost to try it as you can always switch back.

I enabled Facebook Connect and Twitter login, when you post a comment you will have the option to post to your wall or tweet it. It also supports OpenID, and personally I always use that when it’s supported.

Dealistic launched!

I’m happy to tell you that we have finally launched Dealistic! It is a side project Ray and I spent most of our free time in the past 3 months on. We created Dealistic because both of us were frustrated on the existing deals sites on the interweb — they never deliver deals on the things we really want, so we created Dealistic to help us narrow them down to only the deals we care about.

The site is pretty simple, Sherry made an awesome walkthrough on what the site is about.

Dealistic Walkthrough from Andrew Ng on Vimeo.

Check it out, give us feedback and comments at our GetSatisfaction page, hope you find it useful as well.

steez changes

If you look at my blog in your browser, you might notice subtle styling changes. I had the default stylesheet since I changed the theme, but some things never looked right, so I messed with it with Firebug and TextMate and now it’s a little bit better. Like now the code blocks get smaller font-size and they won’t overrun the div.

Been a while since I’ve blogged, moving on, again…

Sorry for the lack of updates and daily photos, I’ve been busy with work, new puppy, and then the holiday. I got back to San Francisco and decided I’ve had enough unpaid employment (well, paid with equity that is pretty much worth nothing until proven otherwise), so I updated my resume and started a series of interviews with the a number of startups in and around SF. After sorting through a lot of bullshit, strange business models, or just stupidity in general, I found a startup I really like: Context Optional. I am starting next Tue. The founders are really chilled and the work is really exciting. We work with some of the top brands to use social applications for promotions in social networks. You can read more about what we do here. So you can look forward to new and cool Facebook and Open Social apps by me. I will continue to be using RoR and RFacebook, and probably also something like Shindig and Caja for OpenSocial.

I will move into a background role at OnMyList, we have yet to figure out what to do with it. We plan to keep the site running coz we do have people who are really into the site. I had a great time doing OML, learned a shit load of stuff, and worked with some awesome people.

daily photo: our yorkie Fee-Fee Sun, R.I.P.

Fee-Fee after shower (by

Our beloved yorkie, Fee-Fee Sun, left us today at around 1pm. He was 6 years old and 5 and a half pounds. It was an accident. He was at his favorite park, Washington Square, with his favorite pink toy, and he was attacked by a bigger dog. The big dog picked Fee-Fee up and twisted his neck, which fractured his vertebrate instantly. We rushed him to Marina Animal Hospital in a cab, I held him closely the entire time and his heart was beating initially but it stopped when we got to the hospital. He was pronounced dead on arrival, an X-Ray was performed to showed his fractured neck. We were told nothing could’ve saved him, but he did not suffer much pain. He will be cremated and we will keep his ashes.

Fee-Fee had a great life. He was well-travelled, he had been to the Twin Cities (MN), Austin, Houston, San Antonio, San Marcos, New York City, Carmel, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Napa Valley. He flew on airplanes countless times, since he was 6 months old. Lots of people loved him, and we will always love him and remember him. He looked like he was just asleep when he left us, we just had him groomed and his teeth professionally cleaned so he was looking his best.

His favorite things to do were tommy scratching, licking, sunbathing, playing fetch, joining his daddy and mommy for naps, going to the parks, getting walked, riding cars and sticking his little head out the window, and recently he had enjoyed going to Caffe Sapore to visit his godmother Jen. He was also really good at posing for pictures, a great doggie model. Here’s one in my studio:

MG_6670 (by

It is hard to believe that he is not with us anymore, and that he died so easily. He woke us up this morning and I fed him his usual food, walked him down to a Chinese dim sum place and got some breakfast to-go. Sherry and I fed him yummy dim sum and he loved it.

Please take a moment to give your love ones (pets and people!) a hug, say something sweet to them, don’t take anything or anyone for granted. Fee-Fee had brought us so much joy and happiness, and he kept me company during the most difficult times. Fee-Fee, rest in peace, and you will be dearly missed. We will always love you.

Flickr photoset of Fee-Fee Sun’s pictures

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