Hal’s Boston Bound 2015 training schedule calendar links

I usually use YourTrainingCalendar to generate my training schedule, but this time I’m following Higdon’s Boston Bound program instead of his Advanced 2, and YourTrainingCalendar doesn’t have that program yet.

I actually bought Hal’s program at TrainingPeaks, but to sync to Google Calendar I need to upgrade to Premium. So instead I created my own calendar and made it public. Here are the links to add to your own calendars.


To add to Google Calendar, find the “Other calendars” drop down menu.  Select “Add by URL” and copy and paste this link into the field: http://bit.ly/bostonbound15

And if you want to change the calendar color to the Boston yellow, the hex code is #ffde00. (at least what’s what they’re using on their website)

Good luck!

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