A Candid Look at Unreads First Year – @jaredsinclair

@jaredsinclair shared his sales figures of Unread’s first year in the App Store. Sad news for the paid-up-front model.

  • The paid-up-front app market is smaller than it may appear.
  • Coverage from influential bloggers can drive more sales than an App Store feature.
  • Paid-up-front business models don’t generate sustainable revenues.
  • If you want to make “real money” from a paid-up-front app, your launch week has to be be a box-office smash.
  • Don’t launch your paid-up-front app at a reduced price. Demand for your app will likely never be higher again. Price it accordingly.
  • Sustainable revenue must come from other sources than the original app purchase, either from consumable in-app purchases, or from recurring subscriptions.

via Jared Sinclair | Blog | A Candid Look at Unreads First Year.

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