Flickr comeback

Before yesterday this was how a lot of us felt about Flickr:

Flickr is still pretty wonderful. But it’s lovely in the same way a box of old photos you’ve stashed under the bed is. It’s an archive of nostalgia that you love dearly, on the rare occasion you stumble across it. You pull them out, and hold them up to the light, and remember a time when you were younger, and the Web was a more optimistic place, and it really was almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world.

via Giz.

Now it has a good chance for a comeback. I love the new iPhone app and the navigate and explore changes, I don’t really care for the filters but since most people don’t care to use apps like Camera+ and Average Cam, filters make most average snapshots look better, and when used properly, give good photos some extra punch.

This app uploads full-res photos to Flickr, that’s a big advantage over sharing photos with Instagram, Facebook, or now Twitter as well.

I am happy to see new friends signing up for Flickr, and the activities definitely spiked over the last 2 days.

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