2 thoughts on “Dieter Rams on Furniture

  1. @seoulfully

    I think a lot of people are going to read this quote and talk about how Apple products are the antithesis of this sentiment. And there's "built-in" obsolescence. Which is ridiculous since Apple products are designed to last (as long as their components do). They are not designed to magically improve to match new technology/components. That's not designed obsolescence. Apple products work very well, even when newer versions come out. Rams notes the DESIGN is what should be functional and last. Anyway, personal electronics and furniture are totally different.

  2. @ayn

    Yup, my dad's 12" PowerBook still works. It's about 6 years old now. Looks pretty much brand new too. Their now-defunct plastic MacBooks/iBooks on the other hand were not designed to last though. But they were cheap. Apple wouldn't have made them if they were able to make the metal books cheaper, now apparently TC has done exactly that and white MBs are no more. Rams' 606 shelving system is pricey, I was messing around with the online sketch tool, pretty cool stuff.


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