My iPad Screens

Kevin asked me what apps I use so I took these screenshots. Thought they’re interesting enough to post here. (this post might be best viewed in your browser than your feed reader to take advantage of a javascript images cycle plugin)

2 thoughts on “My iPad Screens

  1. Mauricio

    Hi there,

    I'm writing you here just to let you know that there is some kind of problem with your latest update on jQuery Image Lazy Load v0.11, the plugin stop working, images doesn't load any more. I'm using wordpress 3.1.2 on my blog, and your plugin v0.10 worked just nice. Last night I update to v0.11 and it just stop working, so I downgrade to v0.10. Please check this out to see if there is some fix for the latest version, I really like your plugin.

    One more person is having the same problem (and probably more people got the same trouble).



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