I used to love Skitch…

UPDATE (12/5/2010): With Skitch Plus, everything is awesome, definitely worth the $15/year. Pretty sure they looked at metrics/custdev to figure out what power users do and then they purposely made those things annoying with their new site and added Plus to make it awesome when you pay.


Original post:

I’ve been using Skitch since very early beta, got all my friends to use it, I pretty much can’t work without it. I have about 1.5k images skitched on my current Mac.

I just want to get an URL to a skitched image as soon as I can, with Skitch, you have to upload, open the webpage, wait for the Flash to load, and copy the link to URL. Often time Flash will almost crash my browser in the process, and their new website makes this workflow even more annoying by hiding the share menu and adding a bunch of different copy-to-clipboard links that I don’t care about:
andrewng | skitch.com

It’s now at least 4 clicks and 10 seconds from skitching an image to getting its URL in my clipboard to share. The client app should be able to give me that with a single click.

I did try CloudApp, great idea, but I need to edit the image and Skitch’s editor is nice and simple.

One thing I will try is to symlink ~/Pictures/Skitch to my Dropbox, that way I just need to save the image in Skitch.app, and skip the whole web UI non-sense.

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