I’ve been pretty busy with work these days so not much time shoot photographs or blog. Snowboarding season is almost here, cabin and passes all good to go for the season. Pretty stoked about the “triple whammy” this year. The house still got room for a few more shredder so let me know if you’re interested. It’s in SLT close to Sprout, so good if you ski/ride Heavenly, Sierra, or Kirkwood.

btw, Bear now tweets as @beartheyorkie (@iamthebear was taken by a bear), in case you need to follow more people.

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  1. Allan

    Hi I had a quick question!

    Lazyload doesn't seem to play nice with the slideshow on my homepage…I have to "move" the page up and down for each image in the slide show to show up! 🙂

    Any ideas as to how I might remedy this?

    site is: TBAFblog.com (I am temporarily turning plugin off, so users don't have to see glitchiness) Thank you!!

  2. Allan

    I'm not super CSS savvy — any tips as to how I get this done? Do I make an edit to the Jquery lazy load plugin? The stylesheet css of the site — of the php file for the homepage?

    Thanks in advance! If it's a bother, no worries lol 🙂


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