Lake Tahoe

Sherry went to Taipei for Lunar New Year so Bear and I spent 2 weeks at our cabin in Tahoe. I snowboarded most days and it was pretty awesome. Riding Sierra on weekdays means pretty much having the slopes to myself, we got huge amount of pow the first weekend and yesterday it started snowing again so I rode pow on my last day as well. This weekend and next week should be awesome so we will probably go there again.

On my way to the cabin I took a few snaps on 50 around Echo Lake, here’s one:

Echo Lake (by Andrew Ng Images)

The mountain closes at 4pm so I had about an hour and a half before sunset, and I ventured out around the lake to take some shots. I didn’t plan to take landscapes there so I left my tripod in SF, these shots were all taken at ISO settings just barely low enough for handheld.

I googled to find photo spots in Tahoe and the top spot was Emerald Bay, I took Bear there and got a decent shot of it:

Emerald Bay before sunset (by Andrew Ng Images)

Bear at Emerald Bay (by Andrew Ng Images)

The following day we went to Zephyr Cove, I think I was at around Zephyr Cove but wasn’t quite there. I went to this private convention center or something like that, had to hike a bit to get to the beach, but the sight was worth it:

Zephyr Cove (by Andrew Ng Images)

After that I drove back to the California side and stopped by Ski Run Blvd by Heavenly:

Ski Run Blvd (by Andrew Ng Images)

There was a public beach nearby, the sunset on the beach was spectacular, there were properties with backyards facing the beach. These shots were taken ISO3200, a bit noisy for colors (at least to me so I converted them to duotone:

LT (by Andrew Ng Images)

Beach (by Andrew Ng Images)

The next day I went down Luther Pass toward Kirkwood:

Luther's Pass (by Andrew Ng Images)

sunset @ intersection of 89 and 88 (by Andrew Ng Images)

I meant to stop by a Pony Express remount station that was used for only 5 weeks in Woodfords but it was getting dark so I turned back and headed back home.

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