Lensbaby “Composer”

Lensbaby - Composer
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Lensbaby just refreshed their entire line of selective focus lens. I’ve wanted a Lensbaby for quite some time but never actually bought one, all my lenses are large so I kindda want a ultra lightweight and small walkaround lens. While the 50/1.4 or even 1.8 might fit the physical criteria, I am hooked with L-shaped bokeh and just cannot deal with the unpleasant blur from those lens. Check out this video of the new Lensbaby Composer, seems easy to use while I still get decent control of focus. Kindda pricey at $270, and I would want to get the wide angle attachment at $90, or maybe I won’t need it with full frame (later).

The Composer is a breeze to use. Simply bend the lens to move the Sweet Spot and focus with the Composer’s unique barrel focus mechanism, which automatically dampens the focus action as you approach infinity.

The Composer stays in its bent position without needing to be locked. If you want to ensure the Composer will not move during an extended shooting session, you can lock the lens’s position by rotating the locking ring. This locking feature makes the Composer the ideal Lensbaby lens for studio photography or for any situation where you want longer or repeated exposures.

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