I *need* one of these

Well not quite coz I don?t have the space in SF, but if I did, man, this looks so cool? 🙂

Well it?s actually not all that useful coz when I?m on a multi-hour Skype voice call I am usually also on iChat screen sharing or at least doing work at the same time so I need to be handsfree, but this sure looks damn cool.

The solid walnut and brass PAPPA*PHONE mixes old and new with profound simplicity. This luxury phone, hand crafted in Montreal Canada works as a Skype phone with MAC + PC (via the USB adaptor included)

* – Plugs directly into MAC + PC
* – Plug-and-play, no need for software installation
* – Works with all VoIP services (Skype, iChat, GoogleTalk, Vonage, Yahoo, etc.)
* – Handset Cord Length 1.5 metres
* – Original Design by HULGER, handmade by Furni of Montreal

Each phone is handmade to order. This takes 6 to 8 weeks after the order is
placed. Standard delivery times, of 5 days to 2 weeks depending on location,
apply thereafter.


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