Tweets on 2008-09-12

  • our ec2 instance now got EBS f/ persistence db storage, huge thx to @rayvinly for staying up late with me… multiapps setup almost wrkng.. #
  • downloading 2.1 #
  • gonna go into the genius bar to see if they would do something about cracked plastic trim on the upper case of my mbp #
  • faster backup/sync, NOT! #
  • @seoulfully just upgraded your WP to 2.6.2 via svn #
  • Still line at apple store for iPhones. WTF. #
  • They would replace upper mbp case but I can go without my laptop for 5 days so gonna do it later. #
  • Like maybe after I upgrade and transfer data over when new mbps come out later this year. 😀 #
  • @garru Cappuccino ftw! #
  • @sidneylo lawyers usually do #
  • @seoulfully i just upgraded, didnt have the time to go the restore route, worked fine #
  • @seoulfully should just soak with jeans on #

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