Tweets on 2008-09-10

  • @cottonduck dude there is one already. It’s the official Twitter fb app. It can update your fb status. #
  • Shaving fail. Need to buy shaving cream from Kiehls. Also a little hung over. #
  • At techcrunch 50. #
  • “Basically, the collider is a series of tubes intended to guide protons as superconducting magnets propel them close to the speed of light.” #
  • looking into using EBS… #
  • sometimes ?-T takes FOREVER in textmate, what gives? #
  • Act in Project > Find in Project in textmate #
  • GoodGuide is the big winner from the judges… #
  • nice, Joss Whedon is in this panel… #
  • Open bar. But I’m not drinking. This is a first. #

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