Tweets on 2008-07-26

  • DSLRs should raw-process and upload to twitpic with the press of the shutter… #
  • @Accsuperstar kindda hard for cameras with crazy fps #
  • flilling out AT&T survey, they need to learn how to use <LABEL>’s in HTML forms coz it’s a pain to hit radio buttons… #
  • Critical mass! Oh ya! I want a bike. #
  • At doggy happy hour at SF puppy prep. #
  • Turtle, a 11-week old frenchie. #
  • Korean foodz @ Han Il Kwan #
  • @seoulfully 2 hours! That’s crazy! Will see how long it takes me later. #
  • In queue for TDK IMAX, isane that ppl came so early, we thought 1 hr was pretty early already. #
  • Harry Potter (preview) ducking broke IMAX!! Oh noes! Oh wait! Just got it back. Oh yaz!!!! #
  • @markmancao coverage at yosemite sucks. Make sure 1 I’d u is ok verizon. Let us know how much 3g coverage u get on the way there. #
  • @markmancao meant to type “1 of u”. Still getting used to this virtual keyboard. #
  • NB Jazz Fest outisde my windows… #
  • Bear recognizes the “beep beep beep” and “beep beep” of locking and unlocking of smart car, he got excited when one did that outside window. #
  • @ yorkies meetup at crissy field. #
  • Chicks at in ivy league Asian assoc are MEHHHH. LOL #
  • At *the*. I can’t type. #
  • Getting some new orlean style iced coffee at blue bottle #
  • 50% off at gimme shoes. picked up some fiorentini + baker. Oh yeaaaa! #

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