Verizon Wireless’s ETF policy

To prepare for the iPhone 3G I looked up Verizon’s Early Temination Fee policy, they were the first carrier to introduce a declining ETF, basically it starts at $175 and for every month you’re with them they take $5 off. My contract expires on 7/18, so if I terminate tomorrow, which is a week til end of contract, I pay $60. I guess I’ll wait a week and hope they will still have them.

I bet they’re getting a ton of calls on how ETF works today… I love the coverage and quality of service, EVDO kicks ass, but that new iPhone is just too cool to pass up.

One thought on “Verizon Wireless’s ETF policy

  1. tiff

    haven’t u gotten a new 3g iphone? i am thinking about getting one, but might wait a bit until 10 ppl tell me it’s worth to get! 😛


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