Umair Haque of Bubble Generation knows about Superfuture!

I’m a long time reader of Umair’s blogs, it was quite a surprise to see that he mentioned SuperFuture! Hell yeah! I wonder if he posts his fits!

My favorite example is the What Are You Wearing Today thread at Superfuture, a fashion microcommunity (sorry for the unwanted attention, guys). It?s literally thousands of pages of connected consumers posing, checking each other out, and telling each other if cool brands actually make them cool ? or not.

Superfuture is the small tip of a very large iceberg: the massive defection to hundreds of thousands of social networks and microcommunities, where connected consumers endlessly discuss, debate, and validate brands and their promises.

[From The Shrinking Advantage of Brands – Harvard Business Online’s Umair Haque]

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