Howard Hartenbaum to August Capital – VentureBlog

Nice, this guy designed the NSX, that’s pretty kickass! also, “cars, email, digital photography, and high speed wireless”, sounds like I would fit in just fine… 😉

First and foremost, Howard is a geek. After graduating from MIT, Howard didn’t join an investment bank; he joined Honda Motor Company where he served as an ergonomics engineer. He got to build awesome products like the NSX. If there is one thing we like to do at partners meetings while eating lunch, it is talk about cars. Cars and email. Cars, email and digital photography. Cars, email, digital photography and high speed wireless. Cars, email, digital photography, high speed wireless and smart phones. Cars, email, digital photography . . . you get the point. Howard is a welcomed addition to the conversation.

[From Welcoming Howard Hartenbaum to August Capital – VentureBlog]

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