BusySync 2.0 Beta

I’ve been looking for a simple way to sync and share multiple calendars between iCal and GCal, BusySync 2.0 just went beta and I gave it a try. It’s almost there, a major problem is that I can only sync with one Google account. A lot of us have at least two – a personal one and a work one (with Google apps for domains), I have 3 of them (I don’t use my personal one but would probably use it if it makes syncing calendars easier, I know I can create multiple calendars per account and share private feeds so I can use a single account to work with the other accounts but I will stress that simple is the goal here).

I actually haven’t tested out the syncing part thoroughly, so far I’ve done what I would call subscribing, will make some appointments on both iCal and GCal later to see how it well handles them.

The other slight problem is that it’s 20 bucks and I need a license on each computer, I need at least 2 and 40 bucks for syncing calendars is quite a bit IMO… I don’t have the time for it or I’ll write it myself, I’m sure it’s non-trivial though, coz it’s been forever since gCal came out and there still isn’t something that works well. What I used to do is to subscribe to a private feed and make modifications on GCal only, so my iCal has an read-only view.

For syncing info between my Mac and my Treo Missing Sync works extremely well, the Blackberry version works well also.The guys at Mark/Space seems to understand syncing really well, maybe they should write an ical/gcal sync.

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