New MacBook Pros get dissected, look like old MacBook Pros – Engadget

I couldn’t wait for the update to come out as I badly needed a new laptop, also didn’t want to set everything up twice at the new job. (though next time Migration Wizard might actually work)

The changes to the MacBook Pro are minor but nice, not enough to get me to eBay this one for it. I could use the bigger hard drive so my iTunes lossless library would actually fit on my laptop, faster and more efficient processor (45nm!) with new SSE4 instructions, better battery life, and better graphics performance will be nice for Photoshop work. I don’t really care for MultiTouch myself, I’d much rather get a Wacom tablet. I read that Intel will update the Santa Rosa platform with Montevina in June, might upgrade it then. 🙂

We’d love to tell you that during AnandTech’s dissection of the “new” MacBook Pros they made a shocking discovery about the internals of the systems that brought into light significant changes and / or upgrades to the computers. We’d like nothing more then to say that it appears Apple has completely reworked the architecture of these machines to be harder, better, faster, and stronger. But honestly? They’re exactly the same as the old models, save for those little Penryns, and as a result, kind of boring. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the photos — you’ll see.

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