2 thoughts on “PetPeek, the window for your fence

  1. tiff

    This is hella funny!

    Btw Andrew, the “marco polo” you mentioned on your FB, did you mean Mariage Frères marco polo tea??? That is my FAVORITE tea of all time! Do they sell it in SF? Do you know where I can get it? I have been asking my frd to send it to me from Japan becuz I don’t want to pay for the expensive shipping to buy from Mariage Frères website (I think they ship all the way from France!). I tried to search for it online, but I don’t think any US store carries them… 🙁

  2. ayn Post author

    Hi Tiff,

    I was referring to this Marco Polo, it’s a tool in OS X that can guess which pre-defined locations you are at based on certain pre-defined clues, so I can do things like set my SMTP server in Mail.app to the Comcast one when I am home (clue is when it’s associated with my Airport Express’ mac address + some other ones), and when I’m at work it will set my SMTP to the one from my work’s ISP… Or when I’m connected through EVDO it will use the Verizon one… You can do other things like run programs, set desktop background, change your Adium/iChat/Skype status, or run any scripts you write. It’s really neat… Only thing I am using it for is to set SMTP servers coz it was a major annoyance for me, not so much now I have an actual office. But when I worked from coffeeshops it was always a pain…



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