auto-dimming display on macbook pro

it seems like a good idea, but I block the light sensor all the time and it’s pretty annoying… here’s where you go turn that off…

turning off auto dimming of LCD (by

to turn off or get better control of the backlit keyboard, use Lab Tick.

7 thoughts on “auto-dimming display on macbook pro

  1. lwr

    Annoyingly, upgrading to 10.5.5 “helpfully” re-enabled this “feature” for me — I had to dig through my preferences to find how to re-disable it.

    I guess the guy who wrote the feature thinks it’s all that and a bag of chips…

  2. Josh Gard

    Just came across this tip when trying to figure out how to disable this on my new 13" MBP. Interestingly, my previous 15" MBP wasn't so sensitive – even using it in the exact same locations with same lighting conditions. Anyway, thanks for pointing out where this setting is!


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