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  1. Ray

    I know… we should’ve waited. 80gb hd and save on a carrying case can seal the deal for me LOL

    BTW, we can really use time capsule for time machine. Glad I returned the Airport Extreme earlier.

  2. Ray

    I thought $1799 already includes the SSD, but it’s $1799 for 80GB HD and $3098 for 64GB SSD. I could get a Macbook, an iMac, Time Capsule and still has $200 left… WTF?

  3. ayn Post author

    I almost pre-ordered one, but then I realize I might be in Taipei when it arrives so I’m just gonna wait til they have them at the store. I work 2 blocks away from the SF store now…

    The price is quite fair man, I added the MB Air, the airplane MacSafe adaptor, and the external superdrive, before tax it was under $2k…

    I can’t decide if I want a MBP or the Air, I use my laptop for RoR development and Photoshop, so the better resolution is really gonna help. But then my PowerBook now is at similar res as the Air (1280 x 854 vs 1280 x 800 of the Air), and I do okay with it… I will have an external monitor at work, and the Air supports 1920 x 1200 with external monitors. Hmm… the Air it is then… Too bad I will most likely be out of the country when it arrives if I pre-order it now… Gonna wait to pick it up from the store… Amazon will probably take forever to stock them… 🙁

  4. eugene

    air can only push the smaller two of the cinema displays. it’s running an OS off an ipod drive (4200 rpm is sketch to me to run an OS). integrated RAM (even though 2gb, but still). non-user replaceable battery.

    for me the biggest thing was footprint. i don’t need it super thin. it doesn’t really make me want to upgrade my 12″ PB. i’ll probably get a blackbook at some point instead. honestly if everything was the same, but it had a smaller footprint than the macbook, i’d be all over it…

  5. Ray

    I agree with Eugene. If the Air’s spec is similar to the MB, I would regret not waiting for 2 more months. At first I thought $1800 for for the SSD and I can live with smaller storage and slower processor. But that turned out to be a 4200rpm drive. Faster processors probably won’t be able to help. I know SSD is expensive but for a laptop at $3000, I expect more.

    I was like, fuck, I should have waited. But now I am more like, hmm, I am still very happy with my Santa Rosa whitebook.

    I am more interested in the Time Capsule now, considering that the Airport Extreme alone is $180 and a 500GB drive is ~$100. It’s pretty resonable to me.

    But I have to admit seeing the Air coming out of the envelope was very cool tho…

  6. ayn Post author

    Time Capsule makes a lot of sense with you get the Air, I’ll probably pick one up too just to get more data redundancy and to automatically backup stuff (given I get a laptop that has Leopard)…

    I’m trying to decide between the MBP, Air, or just wait longer. My PBG4 still works, I can sell it for a decent amount though, so upgrading makes sense coz I do need the speed for development and Photoshop.

    I think I do need the extra performance of the Pro, so while I’d love to get my hands on one of the first Air, the 15PB is more suitable for my needs… I can also re-use my stuff like bags and whatever…

  7. eugene

    I’m thinking about Time Capsule, but waiting. I’m hoping that Apple does the right thing and allows AirExtreme users to download the functionality of wireless backups (not that have a machine capable, .11g on my 12″ PB). Though I’m wary of wireless anything in Leopard right now (ugh, what headaches to access my external drive via AirDisk in Leopard). I’ve heard conflicting things about being able to use Time Capsule as NAS. So I’ll let some people use and and review it before I commit. I do agree it seems like a good deal.

  8. ayn Post author

    I went with the MacBook Pro instead, decided that I needed the extra power and screen real estate… Picked it up from the store tonight and been setting it up since… Very happy with it so far… Need to open it up to see if it has 2 1gb sticks or 1 2gb stick… I want to max it out to 4gb, even if I have to get 2x 2gb sticks it’s only like $92 at dealram… 🙂

    the 15″ PBG4 will be on eBay or Craigslist soon…

  9. Lucy D.

    I’ve bought one, and I’m really happy. Although it’s not as powerful as the macbook Pro, but who really cares?
    The perfect design draws everyone’s attention to this little miracle!
    |If you are not quite sure… try http://www.maconair.com. There are lots of reviews and tests and hacks.
    The Macbook Air is really not that bad.


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