Been a while since I’ve blogged, moving on, again…

Sorry for the lack of updates and daily photos, I’ve been busy with work, new puppy, and then the holiday. I got back to San Francisco and decided I’ve had enough unpaid employment (well, paid with equity that is pretty much worth nothing until proven otherwise), so I updated my resume and started a series of interviews with the a number of startups in and around SF. After sorting through a lot of bullshit, strange business models, or just stupidity in general, I found a startup I really like: Context Optional. I am starting next Tue. The founders are really chilled and the work is really exciting. We work with some of the top brands to use social applications for promotions in social networks. You can read more about what we do here. So you can look forward to new and cool Facebook and Open Social apps by me. I will continue to be using RoR and RFacebook, and probably also something like Shindig and Caja for OpenSocial.

I will move into a background role at OnMyList, we have yet to figure out what to do with it. We plan to keep the site running coz we do have people who are really into the site. I had a great time doing OML, learned a shit load of stuff, and worked with some awesome people.

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