daily photos and Fee-Fee’s flickr photoset

I’ve gone through most of my Flickr and added more photos to Fee-Fee’s photoset, I also uploaded over a hundred pics from my Treo. I’m sure I still don’t have everything in there, but right now there are over 500 photos! (well some are family only and some are friends&family only).

Here’s one of him at Cypress Inn in Carmel:

MG_3507 (by AndrewNg.com)

Fee-Fee in Napa:

MG_0711 (by AndrewNg.com)

Fee-Fee looking at me from the stairs during one of my photoshoots:

MG_4216 (by AndrewNg.com)

His first airplane flight:

000000001_G (by AndrewNg.com)

In one of my waywt (what are you wearing today?) pics outside my Santa Clara condo:

waywt (by AndrewNg.com)

And another one of him helping me testing out my Alien Bee softbox:

Fee-Fee after grooming (by AndrewNg.com)

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One thought on “daily photos and Fee-Fee’s flickr photoset

  1. Judy in Waco

    I am a member of YorkieTalk.com. I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. Your little one was a very handsome and sweet boy. You obviously loved him very much.


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