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You probably know that Command-L or Control-L goes to the location bar and Command-K goes to the search box. But did you know that you can type in whatever in the location bar and it would perform a search on that stuff at Google, so there is absolutely no need to have Google set as default at the search box. So now I have Wikipedia there instead. Just thought I’d share this here, I’ve used FF for years and it never occurred to me that it was redundant to have Google as the default selection in the search box. Also, is there a shortcut to change the search engine in the search box without using the mouse? I would use the Yelp and UrbanDict searches more often if I didn’t have to change the engine with the pulldown menu and then change it back… anyone?

okay, Ray and I found the shortcuts to go through the list of search engines:

when Search Bar is focused (command-k): AltOpt+Up Arrow, AltOpt+Down Arrow

I also found that you can complete the .COM with command-return.

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  1. ray

    I decided to play with this a little and found a shortcut for it. Here is how it works. After Ctl-K, the search term is highlighted, then if you do Ctl-up/down, it will scroll the list of search engines, Alt-up/down will display the list of search engines


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