fixed my feed redirect

My /feed/* links used to redirect to Feedburner when you’re not coming from Feedburner, I did that with .htaccess rewrites. But at some point I screwed up my .htaccess file and the feeds were not being redirected properly. I noticed a significant drop in subscriber count at Feedburner but I thought maybe people just unsubscribed. I fixed the redirect yesterday and the subscriber count went back to normal. Thanks for subscribing! If you’re reading the feed you will notice a bunch of new items from and Flickr, this is because I burn those at Feedburner so they will show up as unread or new posts. I don’t point my feeds directly to my Feedburner URL because I want to keep the option open if I switch to a different service in the future.

btw, I also turned off Facebook notes auto-import from Feedburner a while back and disabled the notes application.

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