The Indy boots got here

After waiting for 6 months, they are finally here, I’m very curious to see how the cigar color ages… The fit is perfect, much thanks to Adam of Alden Shoes of Carmel for all his help and super fast shipping!

Alden Shell Cordovan Indy Boots (by


  • AF68
  • cigar shell cordovan
  • trubalance last
  • commando sole

3 thoughts on “The Indy boots got here

  1. Tom

    Those look beautiful! What was the process of ordering the boots? Did you have to go to Carmel to have them measure your size? Was the wait due to the fact that they are so limited in quantity? Please post some pictures of how they look on you!

  2. ayn Post author

    They were special order so it took a while, that’s usually how Carmel does it, I don’t think they keep much inventory. E-mail Adam and ask him about it. I went to the Alden store in SF and tried on the original Indy and the cordovan Chukka boots, got the right sizes for both, and base on those Adam was able to figure out the right size for me.


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