daily photos and randomness


  • got pretty wasted last night, switched my poison from beer to vodka+soda coz I don’t hit the gym frequent enough to drink beer the way I did. But V+S’ are smaller and I had 6 or 7 of them within 2 hours, drunk karaoke at Hawaii West was fun. I am going to stop drinking for a while. karaokee was also a bad idea.
  • my allSize+ greasemonkey script stopped working yesterday, now it’s really a pain to post pics, maybe I’ll switch back to using Flock. (update: the author posted a fix and now it works again!)
  • vegas is hella hot, fake and boring, so fuck vegas.
  • excited to deploy some significant performance improvements to OnMyList, also, we should finally move to EC2 some time this week.

photos are random today too, first we have a dead bird:

secondly, we have a daily photo with some sort of message as usual

then here we have a photo with some type of juxtaposition of different cultures


I got an idea of a daily photo in mind – “good riddance”, but I haven’t found the right capture for it. Ideas?

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