OnMyList: OMG I need an OML intervention!

OMLer Pam just created this awesome list:

  • Right now, at this very minute…: I should be in my car driving to Springfield. But, no, I am once again on this wonderful green, brown and orange page typing.
  • 2nd time this morning`: Yes, this is my second time today. I rolled out of bed to check for new lists and comments before I had even peed. Oh, sorry, TMI
  • Attachments: I now think of other OMLers as my friends. I feel badly because I wrote something that upset TheRobin, I want to email him and explain; I want to call Kelly and ask her what is in the cup she is holding; I want to have dinner with Kathybelle next week…
  • I would be happy to pay: Yes, I would pay a fee for the privilege of being a member on this site. I have two kids in college, I can’t afford to pay for anything.
  • I think we should have a convention: Like Trekkies – How lame is that?
  • Stalking: I am emailing lists to everyone in my address book, nightly. I think I’ve been blocked on several…
  • My job: I made a list about how I’m going to get fired because of this site. It sounds a little funny, but, unfortunately, it’s all too true. The very first thing I will do when I get to the office is check out OML to see if anything has been added in the 30 minutes it took me to get there.
  • My marriage: Last night the Hubband actually came and watched a movie with me; usually we watch separate TVs as I don’t care for COPS, Dog the Bounty Hunter, WWII History Channel stuff, etc. TCM had a great Jimmy Stewart on, after 90 minutes I couldn’t stand it and went to the computer to check on things – he went to the bedroom and turned on COPS.
  • The Law: I will now be speeding up Hwy. 160 hoping to still make it to work on time. (Not gonna happen) No doubt I will get a DUI, driving while under the influence of OML and end up in jail. Will one of you bail me out?

Check out this list at OnMyList, where you can list your pants off!

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