daily photo: “dropoff point”

here’s today’s photo:

daily photo: "dropoff point" (by AndrewNg.com)
“dropoff point”

I am seriously considering selling my Evo MR and getting a Vespa. Parking is a real pain and I feel like it’s a big waste that I don’t track the Evo anymore. So on my way home I stopped by the Vespa dealership to check out their inventory. Right now I’m thinking about silver or black with tan/brown seat… They also had the most gorgeous original mini cooper in the back, so I snapped a few frames of the car…

vespa sf 150cc inventory (by AndrewNg.com)

mini (by AndrewNg.com)

mini (by AndrewNg.com)

mini (by AndrewNg.com)

One thought on “daily photo: “dropoff point”

  1. Ed

    Your photo’s look great. I had a Evo 9 MR and sold it due to not having a garage and it being broken into. You’re right about the not tracking it anymore thing. I stopped tracking mine a year into ownership and the car got kind of dull. It’s a beast on the track.

    I still miss mine a bit but get rid of it before it depreciates anymore.

    Good luck to ya.



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