Denim project from a homeless dude

I took these snapshots for Kiya yesterday, these jeans are freaking sick!!

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thrashed sugarcnae (by

thrashed sugarcnae (by

link to Superfuture thread:

In November when Self Edge first opened we started about ten different projects all related to what denim actually means to us. Over the next year or so as each project comes to an end we’d like to share with everybody our stories and findings..

On November 16 2006 we gave a pair of one-wash Sugarcane 1947 jeans to a local San Francisco resident named Broox at no cost. The idea was that he’d wear the jeans for as long as they’d last and at the end, return them to us. Broox is not just any resident of this city, he chooses to live on the streets.
Broox has a full time job as a chef at one of San Francisco’s best known fine dining restaurants, he has some money, he has an expensive bicycle, and a very nice camera. Yet at the end of the day he finds being tied to one home too constricting, so he’s chosen a life on the streets. He’s not addicted to drugs or alcohol, he just prefers life in the out of doors.

Over the time that Broox wore these jeans he took a few short trips around the country train hopping, slept in abandoned buildings around the Bay Area, went to shows and bars in the City, and held his usual full time job.
He had them on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from November 16 2006 to July 6 2007, they were washed two times. During that period we repaired them for him once, but while on one of his trips he tore a hole in the crotch, he found some denim and patched it using a needle and mouth floss as stitching.

This is the story of Broox, through his jeans.

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2 thoughts on “Denim project from a homeless dude

  1. Ruedi Karrer

    A real good story. I’m a fanatic denim collector since 35 years
    and building up Europes largest jeansmuseum with retired Raw or
    Vintage denim rag items. They deserve to survive for ever.
    If this Jeans still exists let me know and send more pics.
    Best if you could send the jeans to this safe place


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