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Some random updates (and a very incoherent blog post in general, sorry): Yesterday I signed up for a new gym, got a great deal, something like $800 for 3 years and $24 annually afterwards. It’s great to workout in a real gym again, the one at the condo just didn’t quite cut it. When I was there yesterday afternoon, back to my program I put together 3 years ago, it felt great. Kindda brought back memories of my college days, workout has always been a way to handle stress and help me focus. I should also get back into running again, running is a little different though, I actually need to be able to focus to run long distance.

The iPhone contest at OnMyList created some strange traffic pattern that pretty much brought the server down, I’m looking into caching more things with memcached right now. I also got the first cut of our Facebook app to work, now we’ll just work on the styling to make it look nice and then we’ll release it.

My father wrote a great blog entry (in Chinese) about roughly the last 5 years of my life. Shamefully, he is absolutely correct about everything. I didn’t know exactly what I was going through, but I knew I needed a change, so I took a new job and a change of scenery. I’m blessed to have parents who are really close to me and understand me, more than I do myself, when going through confusion in life it is important to let the people who truly understand and care about you to help you figure things out.

I wasn’t pleased with any of the photos I took outside during lunch, so snapped this one at home… It’s already been a year since I bought the Co-Axial GMT in today’s photo, it was a birthday present for myself, it did make me happy for quite a while and now it’s just another watch. I guess work and photography are what keep me going these days…

things that used to matter (by AndrewNg.com)
“things that used to matter”

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