hella busy

life has been good but busy as shit, sorry for not blogging enough… what I’ve been up to:

  • Ruby on Rails stuff, a ton of it… more on this at OnMyList blog, site is kindda in private Beta right now, first day has been good, test users love it so far, a ton of stuff to work on, obviously
  • looking for a place to live in San Francisco, almost found one last Sunday but the landlord wouldn’t allow Fee-Fee, sucks big time coz I loved that place… Looking more this week, hopefully will get lucky… I got everything like credit reports, pay stubs, offer letter, etc etc, ready on my SD card in my phone now, all I need is a nice place and the right timeframe
  • finally got a residential parking permit for North Beach (Area A), also picked up a $20 parking card so I won’t need quarters
  • working from wherever, coffee shops, at Sherry’s place via EVDO… She really needs to get Comcast and Airport Extreme…

Haven’t been on Superfuture much lately, might post a fit later this week… I’ve been rocking the 45rpm Jomons 90% of the time, there is not much noticeable fade, I guess it’s true that natural indigo jeans that were hand dipped >20 times don’t fade fast…

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