dior homme 19cm first wash

I decided the diors needed a wash after almost 7 months of wear, went with the hand wash cycle of my washer, cold, Woolite dark. After wash I used the spin cycle to get most of the water out, and line dried in my patio… Didn’t lose much indigo, they shrink a bit at the waist and crotch, turned out well, I think… Some pics:

drying the diors (by AndrewNg.com)

19cm post-wash (by AndrewNg.com)

19cm post-wash (by AndrewNg.com)
I will continue to rock these probably like half of the times, I’ve rotated in the Jomons since the 6-month mark, I think those will be my next “project”.

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9 thoughts on “dior homme 19cm first wash

  1. thelion1856

    damn ayn, those diors are comming out fucking way nice! Bet you look forward to wearing them each day, nice work man. Rep points if i could give em!

  2. ayn Post author

    Thanks man, yeah it’s tough to pick which pair to wear each morning… I think I’m gonna wear the Jomons more often than these coz I’m curious to see how the natural indigo will fade… 🙂

      1. harryt

        Thanks. I'm thinking about getting a pair. I wear a size 31 Flathead F310 which is a little tight on the waist. Looks like we have a similar build too (I'm around 140 lbs). Do you think a size 28 would work?


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