Want invites for The Fashion Spot?

The Fashion Spot‘s forum membership became invitational-only a while back, but I just got a ton of invites. If you’re interested in one please leave a comment to tell me a bit about yourself, and why you would want to participate at tFS and how you would contribute, also include your email address in the form. (tFS mods wanted me to make sure I invite quality people)…

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UPDATE: 10/30/2007, I do NOT have any more invites. 🙁

248 thoughts on “Want invites for The Fashion Spot?

  1. Eddie Charpak

    Hey if you still have an invite to the fashion spot, I am interested. I hope this was the right place to leave this, I’m not too good with computers.

  2. Nicole Wright

    Sorry, I’m new to this website, I hope you do not mind me commenting here. If you have any invites left, I would love one. I’ve been wanting to be a member for a long time but I cannot seem to find anyone with invites. Thanks.

  3. Henry

    i know its kinda late, i would really appreciate an invite if you have any more to spare. thank you

  4. Teddy

    omg…I almost gave me hope up!!! Hopefully I’m not late but I would really appreciate an invitation

  5. Peter

    If you still have any invites that’d be great. I’ve been reading for a while and all the stuff is really cool.

  6. Henrique

    I’m a true fashion addict so please please give me an invitation, many thanks in advance!

  7. Aleksandra

    Hey Andrew

    Could you please send me an invite too (hope all these requests are not becoming too much of a chore for you!).


  8. ayn Post author

    Just an update: I still have a lot of invites, so keep posting comments… btw, if you put your e-mail in the E-mail box you won’t have to type it in the comment area.
    Invites have been sent to everyone who asked for them so far, if you haven’t received one, check your spams folder, or let me know, I can re-send!

  9. Henrique

    Hi Andrew, thank you very much for your reply!
    I hope you don’t mind my asking, but up til now I haven’t received your invite. I also checked all of my spam folders.
    Could you please resend
    Many many thanks!!

  10. Rémi

    Oh, I’d simply love one if you still have any! I’m an aspiring fashion student and I’ve love to finally be able to use the resources the site has to offer (I’ve been trying to get an account for over a year now!).


    Thank you in advance!

  11. Emily

    Although I’m probably a little late I would be very grateful for an invite.
    Thank you, but don’t worry if you aren’t able to send me one.

  12. Sherise

    Oh no! I finally find something like this but it’s been posted ages ago!

    Well, if you or anyone else actually still has one of these invites by any chance, then please send it to rubyjewelstone@gmail.com I would really appreciate it.

    I love fashion and I would love to be able to join such a large and active community that shares in that love. Unfortunately, being on the outside looking in, is just painful.

    I hope someone will help.


  13. Jordan

    I hate to bother. But.. I saw you do make invites to fashion spot so if you have any left it would be nice to get one since I am a lover of high fashion :). But if you have none left thats ok. email me at j__browne@hotmail.com

  14. vanessa

    hey andrew! thanks for the sweet invite offer – i’ve left my email address in the e-mail field. many thanks! 🙂

  15. Kasia

    I looooove to be a member Of the fashion spot. I was waiting for ages to be a part of this great community. So please would you like to sent me an Invitation.

  16. clecogirl

    I would love to have an invite to the fashion spot, if you have any left. Thanks so much!

  17. Lindi

    I would love an invitation to the fashion spot. Or to put it this way, I have got to have one. Would you happen to have anymore? Thank you so much

  18. Joanne

    wow, this is really kind of you. please let me know if you manage to receive any more invites, and are willing to offer them to us fashion spot lurkers 🙂 thank you!

  19. erin

    I am EXTREMELY interested in getting into the fashion industry after university and I would like to start earlier and learn more. If you happen to get any more invites, please email me. That would be of great appreciation!

    My email is : ernieislove@gmail.com

    Thanks again!

  20. Victoria

    If you’ve still got some, I would love one… I am such a lurker over there and get upset when I can’t look at posts everyone is seeing. ^_^

  21. Gussie

    Whoa man, the just keep coming…

    Well on with mine; I’m of the “Old School” Fashist! & Saltyt times, but lately when looking for fashion or model info I’ve found myself winding up in TheFashionSpot. I’ve perused through it as much as it allows without an account, and I gotta say I like it very much; Pretty active topics and a plethora of information.

    So yeah, I’d be real interested in an invite.

    Thanks in advance Andrew,

  22. Megan

    I have been wanting an invitation for so long now. I visit there everyday and it would be really nice to be able to join. Can you please give me an invitation? I will truly appreciate this. Thank you 🙂

  23. anna

    hi, if possible i would love to get an invite! i live in new york and already work in the fashion industry so being part of this site would be amazing. thank you so much in advance!

  24. Deepika

    Ooooh please could I get an invite? I’ve been trying to access the Streetstyle forums, especially the plus-size one… can you help?

  25. Ajlin

    Hi, I would really love an invite. I really like the board and hate that I can't post there. Thanks a bunch!

  26. dot

    Hi, I’d LOVE to receive a TFS invite if you’re willing!

    I’m a Canadian lawyer who has always been interested in fashion (meaning clothes – i’m not as literate of accessories, but i’m learning!) I have made a bunch of clothes throughout my life, from dresses to workout clothes. I strive for personal style rather than following seasonal trends, and people who know me usually notice my look. I am often asked where I got certain items of clothing. I don’t judge people by what they wear, but I admit I think about making-over people whose appearance doesn’t do justice to their dynamic personalities!

  27. George Judith


    I run a shoe store and love fashion. I have been trying so long to get an invite into this forum. I would be forever in your debt if you were kind enough to send me an invite.

    Thankyou for you time.


  28. Samantha Wright

    Hello! 🙂 I would very much so like an invite to thefashionspot.com, as I am more than interested in doing commercial and high-end modeling. I have been doing designer work and modeling for various local designers in Baltimore and would like to become a member of the forum to learn more, and make new connections / friends. Please send me an invite, it is certainly appreciated. Thanks!
    – Samantha.

  29. Samantha Wright

    Hello! 🙂 I would very much so like an invite to thefashionspot.com, as I am more than interested in doing commercial and high-end modeling. I have been doing designer work and modeling for various local designers in Baltimore and would like to become a member of the forum to learn more, and make new connections / friends. Please send me an invite, it is certainly appreciated. Thanks! —my email address: nimda0@gmail.com
    – Samantha.

  30. Anita W. Ellis

    Hi there… i was hoping to receive an invite to the fashion spot website because I am really into fashion, modeling and designer clothing and modeling. I am a college student and do some runway shows on the side and fashion contests. I live in Illinois. Please send me an invite so i can find out more about what it takes to become a professional model. Thank you so much, you can email me at w.ellis@comcast.net. Thanks again, Anita

  31. Crystal

    wow, thanks dear!!! I’d love to be a member of fashionspot to share my picts and exchange info with everyone there. Looking forward to seeing ya in the forums, and thank you so much! Take care and good luck with everything. ;0)

  32. Crystal

    wow, thanks dear!!! I’d love to be a member of fashionspot to share my picts and exchange info with everyone there. Looking forward to seeing ya in the forums, and thank you so much! Take care and good luck with everything. ;0) sorry for the duplicate posts I forgot to give you my email…checkurvitals@zoominternet.net

  33. Eleanor

    Hello! After googling for almost forever for some way to get an invite to TFS, I finally came across your page…. ahhhh! *bows to the master*. If you have any invites, I will worship you forever. I have lurked around that page for so long and am becoming increasingly frustrated not being able to post my input to things, and especially not being able to post my growing number of images! My e-mail is lehnorus@hotmail.com
    Thankyooou 😀

  34. Devore

    i really want to be a part of TFS. hopefully i will be going to FIT and i am looking for stone cold critiques and advice to increase my chances on getting in 🙂
    TFS is the place for me, i know it!
    ill send you the guest password so you can see my sketches

  35. Amy Williams

    Hopefully I am not too late to get an invite, and that you havent ran out, as I would love to be a part of TFS. I check it online every day, and am an avid follower of fashion, and love checking the forum to see other peoples opinions on the latest shows, etc, and would love to be able to give my opinion! I am still at college, but want to go into fashion as a career, and so would love to become a member, so i could gain even more information from the forum by talking to other members!! Please invite me!! Thanks!

  36. Irha

    i want the spot’s invitation coz i wanna get as much knowledge abt fashion as i can get.As a fashion student, i wanna learn new things n i ll also submit all the information n images i ve.please send me the invitation!!

  37. Caty

    I’m really passionate about fashion and I’d love to work in fashion design one day. I think tFS is fantastic and I check it regularly (especially the “what are you wearing today?” thread which is great for keeping up with trends and finding inspiration) and I think that I could learn alot from the people on there but also add my own ideas and hopefully help other people. Thank-you.

  38. IVY

    Hi Andrew!

    I am a guy that is interested in fashion and would like an invite because it would actually benefit me greatly through knowledge and implementing these fashion tips.


  39. Mariana

    Hello Andrew,

    I’m a fashion stylist from Vancouver. I sent a request to TFS but was informed by one of the moderators that they were waitlisting everyone, and suggested finding a member to send me an invite. I stumbled across your page on my ever-long google search… was wondering if you were still giving away invitations? For me it’s all about networking and exposing the fashion scene in Vancouver a little more. If this sounds like a good enough reason to send an invite my way, please feel free to email me at parodi_mariana@hotmail.com
    Kind Regards!

  40. kietsu23

    I would love to be a member of TFS, because i have a passion for fashion and i got so interested checking the forums to see other peoples opinions on the post, and I guess I contribute in return by posting my comments, mtm, and I also think TFS is very informative, u’ll get fresh ideas and trends from different designers and models. So please invite me!! Thanks in advance !

  41. Angel

    Hi Andrew,

    I’m currently working in marketing line to save up for fashion degree next year. I’m always passionate about fashion and wish to set up my own line one day. While doing research on fashion, i stumble upon The Fashion Spot and I need to say that I really wish I can enter the community, especially the fashion illustration challenge.

    If you still giving away invitation, please send to me : qt_shadow_angel@yahoo.com

    Thanks in advance!

  42. Ellsie

    Hey ! I hope you still have some invites.

    I love fashion more than anything, my friends always ask me for fashion advice and someday would want to have a job in the industry, I would really love to be a member at tFS ! Thanks !

    cherinouu at gmail dot com

  43. Lesley


    If you still have any invites left, I would really love one. I am, obviously, very interested in fashion. I sew my own clothes, and I’ve been thinking of taking the plunge and going larger scale. I would love to be a member of a place that will help me stay abreast of current trends and shifts in the fashion market. I think I’d have a lot to contribute to the forum. Thanks!


  44. Brian

    Hi if you have anymore invites i would be so honored to get one! I am fashion obsessed! I spend all my pay cheques on clothing at the finest boutiques and stores and i want to share my passion with other fashionistas and fashionistos out there. Give my opinions and my thoughts to the new celebrity bit craze of fashion and whats the new trends… So if you could give me an invite i would be so honored. I check back regularly at the fashion spot to see if they opened the registrations temp but no luck yet. So if you could that would be great!
    Thank you,

  45. Niki

    Hi there,
    If possible could you please send me an invite too? I study fashion design and have been a tFS reader for a long time and really want to be able to participate on discussions. =)
    My email :kikisitem@pigpig.net

  46. Tishanna

    ilovee writting , growing up in a small town in onatrio my dream is too be a fashion editor . I want to study in London , and MAYBE intern for British Vogue . I find fashion magnificent , exspressing yourself in anyway you want or feel is amazing . I used these things as an outlet , from all my promblems and it helped . Truly it did . FashionSPOT could answer so many questions that are burning inside of me , this would open alot of doors . PLEASE I NEEED THIS MORE THAN ANYTHING , ILOVE FASHION ITS ME AND FASHIONSPOT COULD BREAK ME IN AND GIVE ME SOME KNOWLEDGE

  47. Ashley

    Hi! An invite to TFS would be the best thing ever =D I’m their biggest lurker and have many scans of models and eds that havn’t been posted that i’d love to contribute, though cant because of my lack of account. I also have a youtube in which I upload new videos which I dont get the opportunity to post anywhere! = I’d love to be part of this community :D!


    thanks a bunch!

  48. Nicole

    Hi! My younger sister is a student of Fashion Merchandising and has been trying to get an invitation to the Fashion Spot forums for awhile now. They’re really hard to come by and if you have any you can spare, I know she’d appreciate it! Send me an email if you can help –


    Thank you!

  49. Katy

    I would personally love an invitation if anyone has one. My name is Katy, and I’m extremely interested in fashion, etc. In my free time I love making graphics, and I gather lots of insipiration from the fashion/beauty industry.

    If anyone has a code they are willing to part with, I’d be more than happy to have it. Please and thank you!

    Katy – purplelipgloss at gmail.com

  50. Lina

    My Name is Lina I’am from Russia.Fashion is my love! My dream is live inside fashion. I study fashion design.Please, I can’t live without this site! it is one of the best!)))))))))))))))PLEase give me this code, I really need it!!


  51. Smtri

    My name is Smtri Budken. I am a big fan of Fashionspot for a long time. I am a fashion student in New York City and wish to involve in this forum actively. Please send me the code to become member.
    email: smtri dot budken at gmail dot com.
    thank you very much 🙂

  52. Juliette Aiken


    I am a fashion student currently living in London, I am on the waiting list for the fashion spot but it takes an awfully long time. If you have an invite left, that would be great! my e-mail is juliette_aiken@hotmail.com..

    I hope you can help me with this..

    Thank You.

  53. Aindrea

    Hey! If you still have invites, I’d love to be considered! If not, could you ask someone else who has invites?

    About me:
    I’m a bubbly girl from London who adores fashion. I aspire to be a fashion designer. I am most happy when updating my fashion blog (its new, check it out: ), when reading fashion magazines, or visiting art/fashion shows and exhibitions. My favourite film is The Devil Wears Prada, and my favourite designers are: Zac Posen, Rodarte, House of Holland, Miu Miu, Vivienne Westwood, Gareth Pugh. Fashion is my biggest passion, and it always will be.

    Why I would contribute: I would contribute because I have been looking at the tFS forums for some time now, and I find that I always have things to say about the topics, but as I am not a member, I cannot get my voice heard. I find most of the topics interesting and envigorating.

    How I would contribute:
    I would contribute by replying to threads, posting my own, and generally being an active member of the community. I have a lot of opinions about certain aspects of the fashion industry, and I am sure that these opinions, plus my fun outgoing attitude will equal in me being an interesting member of the community.

    Email: aindrea@stoned.com

  54. Taralynn

    Good day. 🙂 My name is Taralynn Taylor and if you still have any invites, I’d really like you to take a look at what I have to say and consider me for receiving a membership at tFS.

    About Me:
    Well, as aforementioned, my name is Taralynn Taylor. I’m almost seventeen years old and I live in Los Angeles, California. I have been modeling since second grade, but I’ve given it a rest for awhile now. I hope to get back in to the scene, and I think that tFS could help me accomplish that. 🙂 I am extremely friend and online everyday. I offer interesting points of views and have started numerous trends amongst my friends which everyone seems to love. I hope to become a fashion designer once I graduate college, and I think that tFS could help me obtain a large amount of my goals. 🙂

    Why I would participate:
    I spend a lot of my time looking at tFS’s forums. I look at different models, different designers, and I find myself often intrigued. I have a lot to say about fashion and looks, but without an invitation, my voice is squelched and I cannot be heard amongst my peers. I have multiple threads bookmarked that I would like to participate in if I can hopefully receive an invitation, and I believe I would offer a lot to each and every one of them.

    How I would contribute:
    I would contribute by offering my unique ideas and perspective. I would hope to settle disputes with a friendly opinion and tell people what I think, while equally listening to others and their own unique thoughts and ideas. I would share new models that I find on the web and some local to me, and I would provide my sketches of outfits for the entire community to critique and help me out with. I think I would be a bright and interesting addition to the family at tFS — all I need is the opportunity.

    Thanks so much for hearing me out. 🙂 My E-mail is ‘only.tara@hotmail.com’. I hope to hear from you!

  55. Jenni

    I ‘d love an invite
    I’ve spent ages of this site and now im trying everywhere to get an invitation
    I absolutely love the discussions and adore fashion – i read 23 blogs daily – 21 of them to do with some form of fashion.
    I have also recently found an item which would alot of the gossip girl fans there would really appreciate! and I really want to share it with all them as all the members seem so kind
    So if you have any left it would be very much appreciated

  56. Ulrike

    Hey, I’m from Germany, 23 years old and I would like to post on the Amanda Peet/Keira Knightley threads and the magazine forum because I spend so much time there… It’s a little bit boring only to read there… Thank you!

  57. Taralynn

    Good day. 🙂 My name is Taralynn Taylor. I requested an invitation prior to this date. It’s right above here — March 31st. You sent me an invite to join on my e-mail only.tara@hotmail.com, but it was filtered to my junk mail. When I click it to put it in my inbox, it accidentally deleted the mail, and I can’t get it back. 🙁 If it’s not too much trouble, I was wondering if you could send me another invite. I hope this isn’t too much to ask. I feel horrible for having lost it. 🙁

    I really hope you give me another chance. I promise I won’t lose the invite again. 🙂 I swear. Thanks!

  58. Rebecca

    Hey There
    Sorry I know that I will be one of many many people to ask for an invitation but I would really love one 🙂
    I’m a model and a fashion design student, it would help me a lot with my studies.
    Many thanks

  59. Sophie

    Hi, I am a fashion merchandising student. Sophie Wang
    I really want to see those pictures that only opened for memebers,so I really want an invitation.

    Thank You so MUCH


    this is my site~welcome to visit

  60. Johnathan Weng

    Hello, I am a fashion magazine editor in China. And I really want to see an invitation of the
    famous Fashion Spot Forum, if now it is not too late to ask help from you.

    Many thanks

    Johnathan Weng

  61. Terry


    I’ve been looking for an invitation code to this forum for months now. I’m a
    self-admitted shoe addict and would love to be able to dish in that forum about
    trends and celeb brands that are coming out. I have launched my own online shoe
    shop called http://www.trendyshoeshop.com I belong to many other fashion forums and
    can bring trends info/news from those sources as well. I’d be very grateful
    for the opportunity. In fact, I’ve been able to see the topics list from the
    site and would have many I could contribute to.

    Many Thanks for Your Considersation

    Terry / terry@trendyshoeshop.com

  62. Dani

    Hullo, I would greatly appreciate an invite. I love discussing fashion, it is one of my greatest joys.

    Dani F.

  63. Molly

    Hello. I would greatly appreciate an invite. I’m a fashion design student and an inspiring magazine editor and this site would help me so much…

    There are many topics that I would love to contribute to and an invite would mean so much to me!!!

    Email: celeb_star90210@yahoo.co.nz

  64. Anonymous

    I would love to get an invitation too! I am a 18-year-old girl from Denmark and I am in high school.

    I think fashion is very interesting, because it never stays still. Fashion is a mirror of sorts on society, it is like art! Fashion helps creating outstanding individuals. I want to discuss fashion, new trends and styles with people sharing the same fascination as myself. I want to see different perspectives of fashion.

    I spend a lot of time looking at the Fashion Spot forum. I look at different models, different designers and different trends. I will contribute by offering my ideas and oppinions. I will also try to update the other members with all the news from Denmark.

    I am trying to begin a modelling career and an agency told me that they see my potential. The fashion spot would help me understand more about the modelling world and I would be very pleased about getting advices. I will also do my best sharing my knowledge and experiences with other new models.

    Please e-mail me: figaro90@hotmail.com

  65. Lori M

    I have sent an email to tFS but am on a waitling list for an invite, would greatly appreicate it if you could send me an invite.



  66. Anja Petersen

    I would be very happy to receive an invite. Fashion is my passion and have just been accepted to the designer school.

  67. Crystal

    I know this post is a little old but if you’re still giving out invitations I would really appreciate one. My e-mail is cspatola1@gmail.com. I’m a third-year fashion design major. Thanks

  68. Sinéad

    hi there! i’d like to be a member because i love fashion. i’m an aspiring model but would most like to be a fashion designer. i’m currently working on a portfolio to get into NCAD. i read the threads on the fashionspot a lot and when i have something to say i realise i can’t say it!!! so please an invite


  69. john locke

    i would love an invite! i i have contributions to make to the site such as magazine scans and other…. not there to spam for sure! I would love an invite!

  70. alex

    i would KILL for an invite
    can i have one if you still have them??
    please please please???
    s’il vous plait???

  71. Allina

    hey! im really interested in an invitation. if you have any extras could you please email me at hopeless.romantic25@gmail.com. im currently studying fashion and this seems really beneficial. if you’re out of invites thats cool too. thanks in advance.

  72. Elaine

    Hi,I’m a college student from China. Fashion is my passion and tFS is so wonderful for me. I have been looking everywhere for a invitation. Please,please send me one.


  73. Jinnie


    I am currently attending FIT and also working full time as
    fashion jewelry designer and this will be very beneficial.I really would like to be invited to join Fashion Spot.

  74. Carissa

    hey send me an invite too. been there thousands of times and i can’t post. I love Fashion and live it. tFs is one of my fave forums. thank you in advance 🙂

  75. Kevin Mitni

    Hey what’s up! I’m Kevin and I spent part of my younger years in Sao Paulo, fashion capital of South America. I am highly interested in fashion and can contribute more of a “world-view” to the Fashion Spot, so I’d love an invite. THanks for reading this.

  76. Liz

    I’m not sure if it’s too late to request an invite. It probably is but it’s worth a try anyway.
    I’m from Australia, still in high school but i plan to go to university to study journalism of some sort in order to become a fashion journalist. I am highly interested in fashion and know a lot about australian fashion – i keep tabs on all the fashion shows etc. Joining The Fashion Spot would broaden my view of fashion, as i am always looking to learn new things about fashion and particularly the world.
    I have a polyvore account, which i’ve had for a while but only recently just started to use again. It is http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=153852.
    I am inspired my creative people and anyone who is willing to try new things. Polyvore has helped to expand my views of fashion, but i’d love to learn more things.
    Well i hope to hear from you 🙂

  77. Marianne

    Hi Andrew,
    If its not too much of a hassle and you still have invites left, please send one to me. TIA

  78. tamara

    I would really like an invite since I work in fashion myself it would be very helpfull.
    *hoping you still have one left***

  79. Trixie

    I would love a tfs invite =D
    I’ve been reading the forums especially on magazines and ad campaigns as I simply love looking at them from an artistic point-of-view. Since I’m from Singapore, I’ll be able to contribute to scans from local mags that I am looking forward to share.

  80. Iluia

    Ma, ma is there anything left for me??! Wld really love, and love u if you cld give me one INVIT, bisou & mucho gracias^)

  81. Cara

    I am a model turned photographer and used to have a fashion spot account but have lost all the information and emails attatched to the accounts. I know a lot of models signed to marilyn and photographs i could contribute to the website. plus i love to keep up with my friends who are travelling and constantly doing shoots. if i could have an invite to be a member again that would be great.


  82. Jemma

    I would really really appreciate an invite to FashionSpot.com I absolutely love the website and I am very interested in all it has to offer. Please if you have any more invites left, could you please send me one? I would be extremely grateful!!!! jmnc_05@hotmail.com

  83. Karen

    I am currently a student at FIDM and I would really love to get an invite to tFS. I know there are tons of people trying to get an invite but it will really help me out alot in school! thank you!

  84. Rafaela

    Hi, I know it´s been a long time, but I was wondering if you still have some invites? Thank you!

  85. Nils

    Hello, i’m a guy from Antwerp, Belgium and I’m currently 17 years old.

    I would murder to get an invitation for the fashion spot. I’ve been lurking to this forum for over 6 months now.

    I’m obsessed with TFS, I even had a dream about it last night. I was looking at Alice Burdeu’s thread. Maybe because somebody posted a comment where he said he dreamt about Alice.

    I love fashion, every day is a new fashion oportunity. I’m in my last year in high school but i’m planning to study journalism to become a fashion journalist. I’m interested in models, designers, photographers, etc…
    I will be a good addition to this forum and i will always be respectful to the other people.

    so if you would send me an invite it would be awesome, then you would make my day/week/month/life

    Thank you! my email is nilzje@hotmail.com

    (I know it’s probably too late but if somebody else visits this website and sees my comment (s)he will maybe send me an invitation)

  86. Dina

    Hi, please please send me an invite to the TFS forums if you still can. Just click on my blog link that should appear in this comment and you’ll understand why I need it so much! 🙂 Dina xoxo

  87. Claudia K

    Hi, I am desperat4ely trying to get an invite to the FashionSpot. Any way youd can help me out or know of someone else who can get me an invite? Thanks so much.

  88. Uri


    I tried to look everywhere for an invitation. I’m 22 from Israel and would really like to join Fashion Spot.

  89. bia_dvb

    i love fashion and TFS is the greatest fashion forum in the world,i would be forever greatfull if i will get an invitation:)

  90. Jess

    Hello, The names Jessica but please call me Jess. I sent for an invite a very long time ago, when I was much younger and probably had bad grammar and massive amounts of typos.
    I am sixteen – yes, I know.. quite young – but I love fashion, and always have. From models to Gisele to Coco Rocha or fashion designers such as Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Ect. I live in a small town of Kansas, population very low – but it is peaceful here. I attend highschool.

    I would like to join because, I am not use to people being so into fashion as I am. Sure there are trends, but there are VERY few who like to create there own clothes, dreaming to be a model one day, or even go to a fashion show.
    It would be really nice to meet and talk about fashion to people of all ages. It really would..

    So if you decide to send me an invite send it at pearlyglass@aol.com or takemycrown@yahoo.com

    Thanks for reading 😀

  91. Phoebe

    Hi! If you possibly have ANY invites left, I’d love one. I have an insane “passion for fashion”, and have been sewing and making my own clothes (as well as watching Project Runway religiously LOL) since I was about 12-13. I plan on going to beauty school for a year, and then leveling up to either fashion design or journalism (to be a fashion journalist).. if you have any left, I’d be in your debt forever!

  92. malaychic


    I know it has been since forever u offered an invite to TFS but only until now i’ve discovered ur favor. (well u cant blame much on the internet connction of a 3rd world)

    I’m 21 from Kuala Lumpur who loves anything artsy & fashion way back since I know how to spell & pronounce Yves Saint Laurent. Working as a part-time personal shopper now, would love to get an access to the forum as I have a lot of thoughts to spill & share with other TFSers (esp on models, fashion shows, designers…what else anywayss.) Not to forget being able to make contacts w/ people around the world from same b’ground and interest.

    Been only able to read (instead of adding some comments et al) all those precious & fashionable thoughts of the TFSers is like only lurking on a 2.55 & not being able to buy or even TOUCH it.i bet u know how that feels….

    PS: I have access to well lotsa fashion forums but this TPF, is like a Birkin to me =)



  93. Lydia

    Maybe it’s too late for me…but I’ll try
    My name is Lydia and I’m 19 years old.I love fashion and I can talk about it and fashion designers for endless hours.
    I study fashion design in Athens and I have already rised to prominence from two fashion design competitions I have participated to.There was a special event for 20 new fashion designers that Greece chose to represent the country in the european fashion design competition that Berlin mounts,I was one of them and we all represent an outfit in the last day of Greek fashion week on March 2008.
    It would be such a pleasure for me being a member in fashion spot cause people there talk about my most
    favorite item.
    You can see my fashion design gallery here — >http://lideeh.deviantart.com/gallery/
    So if you decide to send me an invite send it at Lydiakeeh@gmail.com
    Thank you for reading

  94. Lydia

    aw…I forgot to report my favorite designers and models.
    I love almost all of the fashion designers because everyone of them has something very interesting to offer…I admire Mcqueen,Balenciaga,Victor&Rolf and so many others.
    Sasha Pivovarova,Coco Rocha,Vodianova

  95. QueenJ

    Hey, If you still have any invites left, could you be kindly to transfer to me. I am 29 years old girl from Taiwan. Now, I am doing my MA programme at NTU, UK. Due to my research is about the Scandinavian Fashion. I think I can find lots useful information and discussion from Fashion Spot. I really hope it´s not too late and I hope that I can become a member too.

    Thanks so much.

  96. sinky

    hey,i know this is kinda late but if u still hav got invites left with u,cud u please send me one??? i have been tryin to get a membership for months now…please??? my email id is issatyou@yahoo.in thank u…


    Hello , I m interested to have invitation for fashion spot : i lived IN FRANCE IN PARIS and I HAVE VERY EXCLUSIVE ADRESS FOR VIP FOR HAVE DISCONT TO 40% AT 80 % IN BAGS LIKE HERMES CHANEL BALENCIAGA AND CLOTHES : because i WORK IN VOGUE PARIS!!!. I give you alls adress and contact. Thank you. B reagrds

  98. Cecilia

    I’m very interested in getting an invite to the fashion spot. I’ve been trying to get one for almost a year now. I love fashion especially american designer like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Peter Som, Rodarte and Zac Posen. The other thing I really like about the fashion world is models. My favorite models are Daria Werbowy and Angela Lindvall. I’m also really good at finding new videos and articles about models and translating them =D

    Thank’s in advance!


  99. Jenya

    wow so many people had asked to be invited… i want to be invited too. i’m just a normal girl who just turned eighteen few days ago and is starting to love fashion more and more… me and my friends started a fashion forum before, it’s not successful though. mmm… it would be great if i could be a member of tFS. thank you very much.
    my email: glimmerstarz@gmail.com

  100. Claudia

    Hi, I just google the tsf invitation and link to your site. I am now a college girl in CA. Could you send me an invitation?
    My email address is claudiazheng at gmail dot com
    Thanks in advance!

  101. Maxxie

    Hey, Andrew!
    I don’t know if it’s too late… but I’ll try my luck!
    The name’s Marissa and I’ve been yearning to become a member of TFS forum.

    I’m a highschool student from Kuala Lumpur. I live for fashion but living in a community where fashion is not very in-depth, it is very suffocating as I am unable to share my interest in fashion with anyone except with my sister…

    My friends are not really helpful in this situation as they are not literate in fashion and they also do not wish to learn about fashion… Some of them asked me,”What’s that? CHANEL? Never heard of it?”

    It is absolutely frustrating to read so much about fashion and not have anyone to share it with… So, being able to participate in TFS forum would be like a dream come true!!

    I have tons of pictures and info of all things fashion but no where to share it with. I’ll be able to contribute by posting lots of fashion pictures, giving my insight and participating in the overall forum!!


  102. Frode

    Like the rest Im a bit late with the posting, but came across your site, and want to give it a try. What do I have to loose anyway? 🙂
    I’m a 22y old college-student fashion-enthusiast craving for whatever the fashion industry has to offer. All about creations, models, photoshoots.. u name it basically. Also got a passion for photographing, and would love an invitation to tfs if you have any left. Christmas-gift of the century! email f_rno at yahoo dot com

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