Verizon EVDO confirmed to be capped at 5GB / month

So if you have an EVDO data plan with VZW, here’s another way to get out of your Verizon contract – go over 5GB / month bandwidth limit. I use my EVDO a lot, my email is on about 18 hours a day (IMAP over SSL). I send a lot of full-res photos via pix messaging or via e-mail to Flickr, I also do other things with my EVDO that I probably shouldn’t talk about here. I used the EVDO service heavily last weekend in SF and I just checked my usage and I used about 200MB for that weekend, so that’s about 100MB per day, so I think 5GB is actually pretty decent even if I use it as my only Internet connection outside of work and free WiFi hotspots. However using the word “unlimited” was IMO false advertising.

Verizon finally copped to capping the connection at 5GB of transfer per month. While before they used to advertise that you could have “unlimited” access, what they really meant was that you could check your email and do basic surfing, but otherwise you’d be breaking their terms of service. I guess they’ve finally decided to be a little more honest in their advertising, so it looks like “unlimited” is no longer a menu option.

Verizon Admits Capping EVDO, Removes “Unlimited” From Marketing – Gizmodo

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