No, I’m not on this and I do not have any invite, just thought this was an interesting concept… Sorry.

You are interested in someone, say a lovely lady from New York, you start the flirting process by basically bidding some of your 500 points on her, say 50 points. The bid indicates your intent to woo the young lady. Unfortunately for you, if you?ve made a wise choice, there will be others who will want to date her as well. They will try to outbid you and, well, the process goes on, till the young lady is convinced that you are the one to reward with her attentions. You get SMS and MMS alerts all through the bidding process.Since the service is in closed beta, you are not penalized for being a loser, but when the service launches, be careful what you bid for.If you happen to lose, you are not just out of luck with the lady, but out of those points, too. In the future you lose a percentage of your bid amount. The percentage may be quite large, to discourage too much ?reaching? on the part of guys who can?t reasonably get the girl.This is why you need to be economical about how you bid your points, and judicious in indicating your intent. (Not so different from the triage we men use when doling out dollars in singles a bar, either.) And if you come up empty, don?t take it personally. As François de la Rochefoucauld put it – ?What we find the least of in flirtation is love.? (You aren?t looking for love anyway, remember?)

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