upgrade 60/80gb 5g ipod to 100gb for $275?

I’ve always wanted a 100GB iPod for my lossless library, hmm… these guys are from Cedar Park, which is north of Austin like about 15 minutes from my house there… interesting… If I care enough for more capacity I can probably get the Toshiba MK1011GAH HDD somewhere else and do this myself, but the price difference isn’t really worth it. Cheapest price for the MK1011GAH is around $208 at Froogle right now. Though if I DIY this I wouldn’t have to re-sync all 80GB of my music, as it takes a long time over USB. Imaging the disks with dd probably takes just as long though… They sell the 60GB hdd I currently have (MK6008GAH) for $200, completed listings on eBay went for about $100, so around $110 for 40 more gigs, not bad…

Well, I think I’ll just wait for the next gen iPods, I don’t need the extra space that bad. Only reason for more space is to have the complete Wagner ring cycle on my iPod.

March 26, 2007, Austin (Cedar Park), TX — PDASmart http://www.pdasmart.com, the leading developer of iPod® performance upgrades and accessories, announced today the immediate availability of a 100 gigabyte hard drive upgrade for the iPod® Video. The PDASmart 100gb iPod upgrade installs in an existing 60gb or 80gb iPod® Video without any modifications to the case. A new rear casing is available for the 30gb model to allow for the slightly larger hard drive size.


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