Self Edge X Iron Heart (SExIH) collaboration jeans

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So I photographed and tried on the very first pair of the SExIH collabo jeans in indigo, these are the real thing, not the sample Damon and I tried on at the party. Even Kiya hadn’t seen them in person yet. The fit is pretty spot on like the Dior Homme 21cm, but they run small, I repeat, they run small!! I was only able to do the first button, tag size is 29 and I wear 29 in almost everything, including the Iron Heart 634S 21oz selvage jeans. Even 30w would probably take me a good while to do all the buttons. I think after an hour or 2 I should be able to do 2 buttons on these, but I didn’t feel like stretching them out coz they are not mine. 🙂

I think they are actually true to size, but the thing with the dior cuts is that you wear them much lower than regular Japanese repro jeans, so you should measure yourself an inch or 2 lower than usual and figure out your size. Well, that is my personal recommendation, we will know more when the rest of them arrive, and you can contact Kiya at Self Edge if you have questions on sizing.

SExIH (by

SExIH (by

I find it interesting that the crotch selvage is only on one side, unlike the Jean Shop or Kicking Mule jeans where both sides got selvage seams. Not a big deal though. All front rivets are sterling silver, but the hidden rivets are not. It’s got the good stuff you’d expect from Iron Heart, 21oz Zimbabwe cotton, it’s thick but very soft. Hems are beautifully chainstitched, the leather patch is super thick, the pocket stitching is different than the new (arcuate-less) 634S, and there is no red “W” on the side of the pocket either. A lot of us really love the Dior Homme cuts but the denim quality is not nearly as good as the Japanese denim, but now the SExIH gives you both the sexy Dior Homme silhouette and super high quality denim that is pretty much indestructible. 🙂

SExIH (by

I took some quick snapshots for Kiya and he has posted them to Superfuture. I should also note that the stacking might appear a little bit strange in the pictures, this is because they were brand new dry denim, after a month or 2 of wear they should stack more naturally. It took me at least a month to get my Dior Homme 19cm to look good stacked…

These will be released on March 31, 2007 at Self Edge in San Francisco. They will be available in dry indigo for $380, and in black overdyed for $395. I have the Iron Heart 634S-B, which is a black overdyed version of the 634S, they are really really cool (pics). If you want a pair of black jeans you should definitely consider the SExIH01BK. More info on the SExIH from Kiya’s post:

Self Edge x Iron Heart Collaboration Information:

-Japanese 21 ounce Selvedge made from Zimbabwe Cotton
-Hedi Slimane 21cm Inspired Cut
-Sterling Silver Rivets
-“Half” arcuates
-Tagged 35″ inseam
-Hidden rivets
-Custom super thick leather tag
-Crotch selvedge
-All jeans will be hand numbered on the inside pocket bag
-Waist size from 28 to 38 for indigo, 28 to 36 for black
-The black is an overdyed black
-Released Saturday March 31 @ Noon, if you’re really set on buying an exact size show up at or before noon on the 31st
-If you’re not local and would like to have somebody locally buy you a pair, feel free to do so, we are not limiting how many each person can purchase
-Only available at Self Edge for instore purchases starting March 31, then available for online orders at on April 8th at 8pm
-We cannot put these on hold
-When purchasing your size please make sure it’s the correct waist size you need because by the time you send them back for an exchange the chances of us having your correct size are next to zero.
-Actual waist size runs 1″ smaller than the tagged size, rise is mid-low, length is 35.6″
-Iron Heart denim does not shrink much, maximum shrinkage will be 1/2″ in the waist and 1″ in length after a warm soak.
-We do understand that these are pricey. The reason for the price is a combination of the specs we requested and the low run we had produced.

Model limitations and price:
SEXIH01 (100 pairs) = $380
SEXIH01BK (25 pairs) = $395

Link to Kiya’s post at superfuture

update: diam, we got hypebeast’ed, it’s f’king over! diam…

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