my next camera? 1D Mark III

1D M3

Rob Galbraith has posted the whitepaper on the new Canon EOS 1DM3. It is quite an amazing camera, not full frame, 1.3x crop factor, but 10MP, 10fps, ISO 6400, that is simply amazing! Nothing says it better than my good friend, gifted photographer, and Nikon shooter, Ming Thein on IM:

  • I hate to say this but I almost wanna switch
  • 19 x type AF points
  • those specs make me wanna cry
  • I hope nikon gets off it’s ass with the D3H
  • I’m seriously contemplating switching
  • I never thought I’d say that
  • dual system at very least
  • the problem is that thelenses for 1.3 kinda suck
  • 17-40L and 70-200, and then what?
  • 100 macro
  • 50L and 85L
  • 35L for low light
  • and a 500/4?
  • that’s gonna cost a fortune
  • and you have back/front focus adjusmtent
  • shit
  • can recalibrate focus points
  • thought that was always a good idea

Damn it! Now I think I am gonna pick up one of these… But I still want full frame, so maybe their 5D follow-on?

I haven’t read the entire whitepaper, but what caught my attention was LIVE VIEW MODE, with dSLRs, traditionally, you look at the viewfinder to shoot as the sensor is blocked by the mirror. Those people who did not come from the 35mm SLR world often fail to understand why as their point-and-shoot cameras could see what they were shooting in the LCD. Canon introduced live view mode in the 1DM3, it can zoom in 5x or 10x to make sure your focus is right, this will be extremely useful for macro photography. Also, since the VFs are never really 100%, I assume using live view mode I will actually be able to see what exactly will be in the frame vs like 98 or 99% of what would be in it in as displayed in the VF. I must say though, I am pretty good in guessing what is gonna be in the frame, I am almost at 20k frames with my 20D.

There is also REMOTE LIVE VIEW MODE, which is pretty much the same as live vide mode, but you connect the 1DM3 to a computer with a USB cable and do all that on a computer screen instead of the LCD screen in the back of the camera, that could be pretty useful as well for studio and macro photography.

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